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Demolition and excavation can be a complex process, but in the capable hands of our company, your next demolition or excavation project will be completed smoothly. Our company has years of experience and is the best in the business.

Before demolition or excavation can begin, any hazardous materials must be removed from the property. We will make sure that the demolition and excavation is in line with all applicable codes and regulations. Safety is our top priority. Each of our strategies that are taken will depend on the size and structure of the property itself.

Our services also accompany new construction projects where our skilled excavation contractor can successfully help you map out the correct measurements for your new building.

There are many ways to demolish a property and our experts will choose the one that best fits your situation. If you are looking for concrete removal or piping services, contact Wedel Excavating, LLC in Burns, OR, for more information.

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